Do you have an Australian partner who is willing to sponsor your migration to Australia?

Do you have a family member who is willing to sponsor your migration to Australia?

Family migration stream can help you obtaining an  Australian visa!

  There are 3 major categories within the Family migration stream: Partner migration, Parent migration and Other Family migration.

Partner Migration

Partner Migration allows those who are married, or in de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to obtain an Australian visa.

Initially visas in that category are granted on a temporary basis (usually for 2 years). When the necessary conditions are satisfied temporary visas are substituted for permanent visas.

This visa category also allows for a grant of a temporary visa to those who wish to get married in Australia and then apply for a spouse visa.

Applicants in this category are required to prove that their relationship is genuine as well as to satisfy health and character requirements.

For more information about this visa category please contact us.

Parent Migration

This category is for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents and Eligible New Zealand citizens who would like to live in Australia.

To be successful the applicants in this category need to:

  • Be sponsored by their children in Australia
  • Pass the Family Balance test
  • Those applying for Aged Parent subcategory or onshore parent subcategory need to satisfy the age requirement
  • Those applying to contributory parent categories will need to pay the applicable Visa Application Charges
  • Satisfy the health and character test

This visa category allows either onshore or offshore application. For more information about this visa category please contact us.

Other Family Migration

This category involves visas in the family groups such as Last Remaining Relative, Carer and Child visa.  For more information about this visa category please contact us.


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