Do you have an Australian Employer willing to sponsor you or a job offer in Australia?

Employer Sponsored Migration may be an answer for you!

      There are two main visa subgroups within the Employer Sponsored Migration temporary and permanent.

Temporary Employer Sponsored Migration

   Visas in that group a granted up to four years with an opportunity for some applicants to obtain a permanent visa in the future.

Requirements for this visa subgroup are less strict than for the permanent visas. Main requirements for this visa subgroup are:

  • To have an employer willing to sponsor the visa applicant
  • The employer must be approved as a sponsor and must lodge a successful nomination
  • The visa applicant has to satisfy certain skills and English language requirements.
  • The nominated occupation must be from the Eligible Occupations list
  • The visa applicant needs to satisfy the health and character requirements
  • The visa applicant might need to obtain registration or licensing before applying
  • Some applicants will need a skills assessment
  • Other requirements might apply

Permanent Visas

Employer sponsored permanent visa can be obtained directly or on the basis of holding a temporary work visa for at least 2 years. 

The applicants waiting for some of skilled visa types may automatically switch to the Employer Sponsored visa category if found an employer willing to sponsor them. Also, the Skilled visa category applicants who do not have enough points to pass the test for one of the Skilled visa types may  choose to leave their applications in the Skill Matching Database and eventually be picked up by a potential employer who needs their skills.

    Main requirements for this visa subgroup are:

  • The applicant has to be nominated by his/her future employer
  • The applicant must be in a profession from the Skilled Occupation List
  • Most of applicants will need to have a certain level of English language ability
  • Some applicants may need their qualifications assessed by a relevant body in Australia
  • The applicant will need to satisfy the health and character test
  • Certain visa types may have some other requirements imposed

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