Would you like to start a business in Australia?

Would you like to invest money in Australian economy?

Business Skilled Entry visas could be an answer for you.

    Business skills entry visas are designed for people who wish to use their business skills and experience or investment capabilities in Australia.

Depending on the status of the applicant this visa category can be applied for either offshore or onshore.

To be eligible for this visa category applicants need to:

  • Have a certain business experience for required amount of time
  • Have a certain business and personal assets
  • Have the business annual turnover over a certain threshold (depending on the type of a visa applied for)
  • Usually be younger than 55 years of age (however, this requirement does not apply to certain visa types)
  • If applying in investor category need to have a certain amount of money to be invested in a designated fund
  • Satisfy health and character requirements
  • Satisfy various other requirements that vary from different visa types.

    If you need more information about this visa type please contact us.



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